Rock, Paper, Scissors

Kids & Adults

  1. They react as soon as they are acted upon. Even if its only in the head.
  2. They cry when they are sad. Even if its not seen.
  3. They are totally immature when handling things that are beyond their control.
  4. They get lost in what they do. They forget what they are doing.
  5. They don't care about the future. They don't care about the present.
  6. They want to be adults. They don't want to be adults. 
Grown ups are upsized kids. Stop kidding that you aren't kids.

Giving is the new receiving

Start giving. Now.

Not just your time or your money, but everything thats about you. Just give, don't bother about the recipient or the manner in which you give is perceived.

Flip your giving to accomodate more giving. Become the giver at your workplace, your home, on the street. And remember everybody can be givers, its not what you give but "that you give"that matters. Don't find excuses, just give!

Are you worth it?

Are you worthy of the recognition that is given to you? Are you worthy of  the remuneration you are paid? Are you worthy of the the respect that is given to you? Are you worthy of the accolades that you have received? Are you worthy of what people think about you?

Take a while today to ponder the truth to these questions, it will make you restless. And then if you are listening deep enough you will find the way out of the restlessness.

How rich are you?

As far as our collective memories go, we, as a race, have been obsessed with how much wealth one possessed. What was measured in rocks became livestock, then farms, then certain metals, and is now pieces of printed paper; and continues to define our wealth and how rich we are.

Let us for a moment assume that there is an abundance of the said possession with one individual, that  makes him rich in it, and one is said to have ‘abundantly’ when he has all he will ever need and does not need any more of it. Such a person would not want any more because he does not care about holding on to that possession that he cannot use and therefore, is willing to give the excess away. Then, we can safely conclude that a truly rich person is one who gives away the most.

How rich are we then truly? And more importantly, we can decide how rich we can be in any given situation. Like in giving alms or helping somebody who is less fortunate than we are, we can choose to be truly magnanimous or to be poor.

The question then is how rich are you really?

 Many of us make New Year resolutions every year, and a majority of us fail to continue on them even for a week. So here's a fresh take on the problem.

Start early. Start your resolutions today, so you'll have 5 days to figure out whether you can actually get them to work, by Jan 1 2012. And you'll know what you need to  tweak, so that they actually work. 

Make sure you work on it for 66 days, Researchers tell us that would be the magical number to make a habit stick for one, five or 10 years. Make March 2 the minimum date until which you have to keep your resolution. 

Write everyday about your experience of keeping the resolution. 25 words, fifty words, one page..... make sure you write something, everyday.

Visualize the process of accomplishing your resolutions. Not the outcome but the process. It would get you to commit to your resolutions more effectively.

So start. Now.

Marriage 4.0

Its all about giving. All the time.
Its about amazing the other. everyday. For life
Its about being in love. all over love. Fully love. Always.
Its placing the other ahead of you. Even during dinner. Or a trip to the loo. 
Its about feeling the " I love you", even when it is not heard. 
Its listening when you hear. Every time. 
Its smiling with your eyes. Even with the tears. Every time you see.